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        Those practice questions have been around for a while.  They are under the practice section of the CCNP Wireless area on CLN.  This whole thread has a lot of good suggestions for books though.

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          I have found the quick refernece guides good as well as the delpoyment guides. For these tests I have been fortunate and been working with wireless since the 900 MHz so I do alot of this day in and day out. Like the Bruce Alexander book for Site Survey...I took his class when he was still with Telxon and the information in the book is the same that it was 11 years ago. The mesh I have just been lucky enough to have deployed approximately 7 outdoor mesh installations, with one more next week. I am taking the IUWMS test on Wednesday and then I am DONE!!!!

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            Very cool nick!  You'll have to let us know how you do.  Did you use any type of practice test in your studies?

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              Passed the test this morning!!! I really didn't use any practice tests.....I found most of the information was stuff I deal with almost daily in my job so it was not too bad. I do have to say that Cisco kind of irritated me on it. The description fo the test says 50-60 questions in 90 minutes......Mine was 75 questions with 75 minutes.


              Glad to be done.....trying to decide if I want to go back and do CCNP for Routing and Switching or move forward to CCIE Wireless.

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                Hi all is there any update for the books for ccnp wireless? is there any link where do can i buy a books for ccnp wireless? 

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                  The quick reference guides that have been posted by ciscopress are fairly new.  I finally downloaded the cuss one and it has been helpful.  I wouldn't make it your only study source, but Ethe quick reference guides are a great starting point.

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                    No, there are still only the Quick Ref books from Ciscopress, but the IUWVM book is still missing (probaly never to be published according to my last communication with Ciscopress). Here are the quick ref books available :




                    My guess is that they have abandoned putting any more books out as they plan to update the certs in the near future...but that's just my guess.


                    My advice would be to get the quick ref book, look at the design guides on Cisco.com and do the practice questions in the wireless area of the Cisco Learning Network.

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                      أنا ايضا ابحث بشدة عن اي كتب تتعلق بهذه الدورات خصوصا اذا كانت بالعربي ..!

                      I also strongly look for any books relating to these courses, especiallyif the Arabic ..!

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                        That makes it more difficult to study without a guide to follow. It would be a bit like the CCNA Wireless we studied, the only book that was out was so full of mistakes we could not use it. Took me 2 failed exam attempts to find that out though






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                          Blake K

                          All of the information you need for passing the exams is clearly laid out in the various design guides whether it be for voice, location, wcs, etc.

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                            That is true but it is still nice to have a book to follow.

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