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    Got my first job as a pure network engineer!

    Warren Sullivan - CCNP

      Hey guys,

      First of all, thankyou to everyone who has helped me over the last 2 1/2 years through my certifications, this post is simply an encouraging post to tell people that it can happen to you, it did to me!


      I was like a lot of you.....will i get a job post certification? is all this work worth it! will i end up in this industry?  i was worried that all this study was going to go to waste, how wrong i was! I live in Australia and i realize that not everyone has the same opportunities as i am lucky enough to have.


      As soon as i got my CCNP i employed the services of a professional CV/Resume writer, who did a stirling job of representing me on paper, i come from a communications background in the military, which had a fair amount of routing of switching, but far from a pure network engineer job....


      After i applied for maybe 20 or so positions, the calls started to flood in, most we're very impressed with the CCNP certification, even if the role itself involved little Cisco gear, its the fact that you have to know what you are talking about to pass these exams, its not a matter of reading remembering and checking the boxes on the exam and walk out with a pass.....these certifications hold a lot of credibility in the networking world...your time and effort is worth it!


      Be confident in your interview, express that you have a true passion for everything networking, let them know that this will not only be a job, but a dream. From what i have been told, most employers would prefer a highly enthusiastic person with less experience to a guy or gal with tonnes of experience and no drive.....


      So the role is a pure network engineer, the first one they have ever had,  i work in the head office and i have 16 or so remote offices in a hub and spoke configuration, they run VPNs, both site to site and remote access... a full Cisco Voice network, and i'm in charge of a full replacement of all remote office gear and the core upgrade too!.....i'm so excited i'm almost wetting myself!


      Thankyou all

      I am truly appreciative


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