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    required further understanding on Licences to set up VoIP


      Hello everyone,

      Hello everyone,

      I have been reading this group. I have found many of your answer very easy to understand & to the point such that i am writing to ask you few more questions for which i need your help to enable my project moving forward.


      I have got client who makes call to South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Philippines, etc... I need to set up VoIP solution.

      HQ is based in UK. Priority is to set up VoIP solution at HQ and then implement it across the world.


      I am thinking to order 2951 router, two 2960s 48 port PoE switches and 7962 phones for 75 users based in UK.


      •     what licenses do i required?

      •     What is the best and stable version of CUCME i need to get hold of?

      •     Once HQ is running successful VoIP, How do i connect other branches to connect to UK?

      •     what can be other licencing i will need in place for successful VoIP connection across all branches?

      •     I can buy 79xx series phones, connect to PoE switch via patch to use it. Do i need licence to use these Phones? (I hope not)

      •     Does Unity Express reside in the router? It also stores Voice Mails too so that i do not need to buy network module. Is my understanding correct? If I have miss understood then please correct me.

      I am having some questions and may have some more question as project progress. May i contact you in future for further guidance. I am hoping to have some help and direction from many of you. Kindly help.

      Kind regards,

      Hiral Tewar

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          is ti 75 users total or only in UK ?

          what is total user number ? all of them?


          CUCME is good for under 200 users in one location, I think, but it depends on router used, check the Cioara;s Voice book for list. and CUCME is loaded onto router. so book lists c3900s routers support up to 200 users.

          others may have more info on VoIP,


          For voice mail you need AIM-CUE or larger capacity NM-CUE. The new CCNA Voice book is good start.

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            Thank you martin for your Quick reply. As always your answer is simple and to the point, makes things clear & easier to understand.


            Its 75 users in UK and other 160+ across the world.


            When you say CUCME is good for under 200 users, Does that means i have to get router with CUCME for every site?


            Also, Do i have to buy licences to use soft phone?


            We are having IP PBX at present provided by third party. What could be the best option to move forward?


            Anticipating your reply.

            Many Thanks....