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    vmware and real switches lab


      Hi all,


      I have a home lab for ccnp switching. I have two 2950 and two 3550 switches. I have been working on them. After completing MST, I got stuck with inter-vlan where I need different hosts to check connectivity like ping , tracert etc.


      I do not have spare PC for connectivity check between inter vlans. It's bit inconvenient to work with single laptop.


      I have a laptop which has got vmware with win xp.


      My question is :-


      Would I be able to create virtual adapters in VMware ? I want virtual adapters to connect to individual vlan access port on the switch.


      I know how to use vpcs with gns3 however  I would need virtual adapters to connect to real switch( access ports). I would appreciate your suggestions.


      Thanks in advance.



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          hmm...what. probably not. so u want to check connectivity between hosts on different vlans but with one PC and vmware, right?


          Problem 1 : your PC NIC must support Vlan tagging.

          Problem 2: VMware NICs (VMNETx) does not support Vlan tagging;


          Solution could be Breakout switch and Ubuntu PC. but this requires one switch out dedicated to be Breakout switch. Linux supports Vlan tagging on NICs that do not support it; You can creat many VLans in Linux (unlike Windows)

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            Thanks for yor reply Martin. I remember I read your post on vpcs which helped a lot.I guess I do not have any other choice except to buy few more devices.

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              well, the idea of Breakout switch is that you connect real switches with GNS routers via one dedicated switch; that switch cannot be used in topology;

              so in your case, your hosts could be GNS3 routers.


              lot of info on that, gns3 vault has videos.