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    Compare Cisco




      I need to write an essay where i build a network. there is a point where i need to compare devices and why i choosed them. The problem is i only know about Cisco IOS. I choosed Juniper as competitor, but i don't know anything about it (or other vendor). Do you know where can i find some good essay why i should choose Cisco. I searched on google, but i couldn't find a comparison. Only lists why i should choose "this". For example: www.networkequipment4u.com/2010/02/why-choose-cisco-network-equipment.html


      And what router should i choose to serve a company with about 500 employee?

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          Helder Neves

          Everythings relys on your budget!

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            It depends what you want to compare.  You need to pick some topics to compare first, then ask for some help. I could compare a Nexus 7k vs a Juniper EX8200 (http://www.glcomp.com/documents/glc/ju/Juniper-EX8200-vs-Cisco-Nexus-7000.pdf)


            But that might not be what you want.  Here are some suggestions for topics to compare:

            • high/mid/low range routing performance
            • high/mid/low range switching performance
            • ios vs junos, who is the buggiest
            • routing - who offers more features to which target market?
            • switching - who offers more features to which target market?
            • cisco vs juniper market share in routing
            • cisco vs juniper market share in switching
            • cisco vs juniper market share in firewalls
            • who offers better product support, what is the support like for different products?


            There's tonnes of topics, so pick what you want to compare. I think you will find more relevant information when you then search for the different topics!

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              Well i have to "buy" devices, so i have to compare devices. So i think the mid range routing/switching(?) performace will be my choice (and maybe IOS-Junos).



              And the other half of my problem.

              First i though that i'll use a 3945E router and 2960-24-S catalyst switches with some AP541N Access point from cisco side. This is all theoretical so the budget can be unlimited, but reasonable.

              I don't know if the router is capable to serve 400 user. As i can see the router has gigabit ports to connect the switches and ISP.


              (Sorry if this is a little bit off, but i learned ccna 5 years ago and i didn't used the knowledge since then.)

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                Darby Weaver CCDP/CCNP x8

                Which one has the Cisco Logo on it?


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