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    help in asa configure


      hello for best fourms and all members

      i bought cisco asa 5540

      i have cisco router 2811 with static ip

      and make nat to conected to internet pat nat

      and have for exchange server


      i want to confiure asa behind router

      i mean leave all configure on cisco router

      when  i make out side and inside lan all is ok

      ip ouside is --------------- conected dirctly from router   this ip coming nat inside on router

      ip inside is

      conected to switch

      but all pc conected on inside interface of asa 5540 cannot access to internet

      and also cannot ping from pc ip on interface outside i permet icmp in servise poilcy and incpection icmp

      but i mean no conection not ping only

      can any one help me in this

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          Hello Mohamed,


          Below you will find a few things to consider, if you have not done so already:


          The firewall automatically drops traffic going between interfaces with different security levels. You need to permit the type of traffic you want to flow from your Inside interface to your Outside.


          You will need to configure static routing to route traffic destined to the Internet, and destined for your internal network. 


          If your router has multiple interfaces, check the routing to make sure the traffic is flowing to and from the ASA correctly.


          Here is Cisco's configuration Guide: