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    One sum-up figure regarding Routing Protocols tools

    jean-christophe manciot - CCDP

      This sum-up figure for Routing Protocols tools (RPTs) started from Wendell Odom's CCNP OCG, and I've extended it to include key RPTs from the book.

      I felt that it might help some of you preparing for the ROUTE exam as it is helping me to visually recap all that is needed in that field :




      ° BGP distribute-list configuration will be removed from CLI at a future date (BGP Command Reference, March 2011), because prefix lists provide improved performance and are simpler to configure


      All route-map commands (except for PBR) for distribute-list and redistribute commands: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk365/technologies_tech_note09186a008047915d.shtml#tables (thanks to Greg)


      Blue sieves: routing filtering tools

      Green sieves: routing summarization tools


      If you feel something is missing (as far as CCNP ROUTE is concerned) or inaccurate, please feel free to post your remark.


      Inserted Equal Paths, Costs and Metrics (thanks to Greg); Inserted Routing process (thanks to RJ); inserted BGP distribute-list command; inserted the BGP best path Memorizing tips; inserted the various distance commands;