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    2500 routers, are they still worth it?


      I'm looking to start a lab to study with but I'm trying to decide what to buy.  Are 2500's still worth it or should I pay the extra for 2600's.  My goal is CCNA then CCNA Security.  I plan on getting a pix and an asa after I get my initial setup so any advice is appreciated.

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          just plain old Kev

          i would skip the 2500's altogether, unless you want to set up a frame relay.


          the last k9 image was I think IOS 12.2 on 2500's, but that stuff is really old.


          the hardware is not as important as the IOS, so you want at least a 12.4 k9 image.


          I think the 1841's are at a nice price right now, or if you can afford it, the 2800's


          Dont skimp, because you want to make sure the CCP runs on your routers (at least the ones you plan on using for security exam).  The CCP is fully supported  on the 2800 (12.4 k9),  and even though I have run it on the 1841 (i think) it gives incompatibility errors and probably will not run certain features with the CCP


          PS, pretty sure the 2600s will not run CCP, but I havent tried...


          PSS, depending on how far out your security exam is you might want to hold off and wait for the prices to drop on the security routers.

          And since you are still studying for ccna nothing wrong with getting a 2500 for frame relay topology...they are

          as cheap as dirt.


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            Joe Rinehart

            I agress with ciscodaze, I wouldn't bother with the 2500's as primary routers, although in addition to frame-relay you can use them as terminal servers.  I have a pair of 2509's that work great for that purpose alone, and if you pair a terminal server with an ASA you can create a very slick setup.  I have this very topology in my personal lab as a CCIE


            - Joe

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              thanks guys, I figured as much.  I just bought a 2950c switch, got it for $40 including shipping and it looks brand new, no bad ports either.  I'll look some more for 2600's and 2800's.  I'm probably going to buy a pre packaged kit, hard to do on a budget but I can work it out.  I know I can use PT and GNS3 for study but nothing beats hands on.  Plus I'll eventually want to go security then wireless.  Plan on going CCIE one day.  I haven't been in the work force for 7 years and look forward to getting bacfk, even as a help desk operator.

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                just plain old Kev

                again, just watch out for the labs kits, typically low in memory, flash, and have an older IOS -  often lacking interfaces you need, or giving you old db60 instead of smart serials.


                they look good on the outside, but you can build it cheaper and more bang for buck on your own.

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                  I will keep an eye out.  I doubt I'll be getting anything as nice as my switch, would think it came right out of the box.  I've been looking at the kits and some seem too good to be true.  plus I use ebay.ca not com and there's a limited amount of stuff available that looks good.  I don't mind not having a faceplate, but I'd prefer one, and a power supply as well.  My birthday's next month and the family has said they're just getting stuff for CCNA so I have to come up with a list that's not too expensive but not **** either.  I know I'm a little old for gifts but hey if they want ot help and support me what can I say.  I have been looking to get 2 more switches and 3 or 4 routers, I will get one 2500 just for frame relay.  I don't mind buying things one piece at a time, but I'd like to get my CCNA this year, going the 2 exam route.

                  And liek i said I'd like to get my security and wireless certs too, giving myself a year for each so I know it cold.