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    CCIE Wireless


      Hello All,


      I am CCNP (Wireless) and like to go further for CCIE (Wireless).


      I am living in N.D. (INDIA) and this is sometimes I disappoint because in India there is not good scope of Wireless.


      I want a job where I can polish myself as per CCNP (Wireless) and can prepare for CCIE.


      Can anyone help me?




      CCNP (Wireless)


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          you must look out for jobs in managed services co.s like Wipro, HCL, NSN, or Cisco (very often does the deployment themselves, usually works through partner) .

          With partners you'll be able to work & learn wireless from root and can master the deployment.


          In India, enterprises are moving towards Wireless & hotspot deployments in their infra, so its not correct to say, we dont have much scope here. I myself have done several design & deployments while working for Wipro.


          Suggest you not to rush for your CCIE-W untill you gain a minimum of 1-2yr hands-on experience in wireless. Good luck




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            Thanks Mo,


            I wrote the above statement because for the last four months, I am looking to every job portal but there is no wireless opening.


            Anyway, thanks for reply and inspiring me that I have not choosen wrong career.



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