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    Maybe something to watch out for on the Switch exam.




      I have not taken the Switch exam so i am not breaking any rules here.


      I travel a lot and live in hotels so i don't really have a home and as such i don't have any access to hardware. To that end, tonight i bought the Boson simulator for the switch exam tonight.


      I came across the very first sim and i had to change the IP address of a computer but from the command line. I have worked with computers for about 18 years now and although i changed an IP via the command line in the early days i have not done it for many years since and i could not remember how to do it. This is simple but obviously if you get this in a sim in the exam then you can't finish the sim.


      I had to change the mask from to  The command via the C:> on a computer is:


      ipconfig /ip address


      Hope it helps.






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