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    Native windows 802.1x client


      Hi guys,

               Just spent 2 hours on a rented rack trying to get the native 802.1x client on a windows server 2003 VM to work, total FUBAR!!!! it only does PEAP and MD5 and half the time it wouldnt even respond to EAP Identity Request packets, so slow.


      Anyone else had any experience with this? Ive emailed the rack rental provider to ask if they could install CSSC.





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          Elvin Arias

          The slowness might not be related with the supplicant side only, but with the authenticator side too. You should check the 802.1X quiet-period which is 60 seconds by default and basicallty dictates "how much time the switch will wait after the EAP-request-identity frame is sended from the switch/authenticator side, after the supplicant gave the incorrect authentication information), and the transmition timeout which is how much time the switch/authenticator will wait in order to send the EAP-identity-request to the supplicant. If the supplicant doesn't respond the the EAP-request-identity frame this is the timeout that applies and not the quiet timeout.


          This information should be synchronized from the supplicant and authenticatior perspective. With the CSSC client is very easy to do so.