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    SSL VPN errors when trying to use https url's in the url-list


      Hi Guys,

      I have just registered on these discussion forums, as a good old CCNA bod.


      I am currently working on a Cisco ISR router (871) as a base test to get SSL VPN up and running before i go into production on a 2800 series.  I have had no problems configuring it, the problem I have though, is that in the url list it will not allow me access to an HTTPS:// site, only HTTP://


      Example of my context configuration:

      url-list "InternalWebServers"

           url-text "Exchange OWA" url-value "https://10.10.xx.xx/owa"

           url-text "VMWare View" url-value "https://10.10.xx.xx"

           url-text "GFI Status Page" url-value "http://10.10.xx.xx"


      Only the bottom url works when clicked, on the others, i see just an Internet Explorer page with the loading bar at the bottom, taking forever to load, and then it eventually times out stating I do not have access to the server.


      I currently have to access the web vpn gui remotely via a differnet port than normal, e.g. https://webvpn.xxxxx.net:8080 as i have port 443 NAT'd forwarding to a different OWA server by default.


      I am only using the default Self Signed Certificate also, but I cannot see why that would cause any issues.

      Access lists seem to be set up correctly to allow users access to the url-list and netbios server.


      All help much appriciated.




      Kind Regards