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    CCNP Routing or CCSP or CCNP security.


      Hi Experts,


                        I have completed my CCNA recently,am looking forward for onemore certification.My options are CCNP routing || CCSP || CCNP security.The only thing that am bothered about CCNP routing is that , there are many people in this world with that certfication,literally speaking my attitude is like I readlly dont want be one among many thousands,It feels good to me when I am one among few(when compared to CCNP routing).And if I go for CCNP security is that Valuable?is there are requirements ?Please somebody clarify my queries??


      Thanks in advance,


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          It depends on the job your looking for, and the current market in the areas your looking. The CCNP is valuable, and even more so in certain areas. I guess you'll need to look at what you want to do short and long-term, then go the route that best helps you achieve those goals.




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            I think its all about what the market has to offer.  In my area, R & S and Voice are really high in demand.  In my current job, Wireless is high in demand, but among other employers, not so much.  If I was to go out job hunting today, CCNP R&S and Voice would be what I would go for.

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              When job hunting remember that the cert on its own might get the hirer's attention, but unless the experience on your CV backs the cert up you're unlikely to get to interview.  Always go for a cert that allows you to stretch your current skill set when you're looking to move, and go for the ones in new areas when you're feeling more settled.


              So if your experience is in pure networking do the CCNP, if you've been more involved in security related activities the CCNP-S is the one for you.


              Also, remember that you don't have to actually complete either cert before you start the other.  It's perfectly valid to for example do the CCNP Routing and Switching components, then do the two CCNP-S ASA exams.  Employers tend to ask for "CCNP level or equivalent" in their advertisements.  The recruitment agents will just look for the acronym, so as long as you have a couple of the modules passed and mark them accordingly your CV will get onto the right desk.