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    Defining static routes and default routes - Interface or IP Address?


      Hi potential CCENTs, CCNA prospects and CCNA professionals,


      It is that time around again  - and I need bundled effort to get me back in the right mind of thinking.


      My question is this:


      When does using a router's interface ID over its IP address in routing (specifically static and default routing) apply?


      I ask, because I was of the opinion (still am) that one of the answers to the following scenario was for R2 to setup a default route as answered in "B.".

      I know there is an explanation but help me understand why my thoughts are wrong.


      I hope you can see the diagram well - if not let me know.

      (Copying and pasting the figure into your favorite word processor or graphic program could help with the visuals.)

      Defining static routes and default routes.png


      Best regards


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