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    Lab exam question


      In the lab exam is it expected from candiddate to know and configure server NIC for NIC teaming for Emulex cards, VMware ESXi Installation and configuration, any JBOD configuration Or those things will be preconfigured and given in question and candidate will have no access to it... like BB router in R&S lab.


      Will there be any focus on interoperatibility with another vendor switches like in SAN CCIE?

      Also I see VM-FEX, VXLAN and IPv6 are not part of blueprint but it is mentioned that any features can be tested from listed software and hardware version.

      Where the lab exam will be offered to schedule? Will that be a same cost as other CCIE lab exams (~$1500)?

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          Walid Issa

          Hi Krunal


          You will not be tested on non-cisco technologies like vmware or emulex specific tasks. Also, You are not required to do JBOD configuration.


          In addition, the blueprint does not have interoperability with non-cisco SAN switches so this will not be part of this exam.


          Ref Lab exam scheduling, location, cost, etc...This info will be available on CLN in the near future, watch this space!