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    Cable training/certification advise please!


      Hi guys,


      iv been studying for quite a while now but iv stopped right now thinking that i dont know to perform one of the most important task about networking itself!

      Cabling properly! Well, i do have some experience patching the patch pannel to switches and workstations, something that a normal systems support or systems admin would do on a daily basis and not leaving spaggetti behind but, i dont really know how to make cables like a pro and to implement the cabling like a pro and is something i really want to learn how to do!


      could someone with real experience on this give me some light towards this issue please?! which kind of training or certification do i need? which do you recommend? which tools are the best, best practices, im used to tell someone to buy almost every cable, do we really need to know how to make and manage cabling properly, or is it something that is not that important in the networking world, or how important is it?

      would be very mutch appreciated!


      best regards,



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