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    Stable version of GNS3 for Windows 7 - 64-bit machines

    Derek Casanares

      Is there a preferred version of GNS3for 64-bit Windows 7 machines?


      I'm starting using it during a CCNP Routing class and therelease I had crashed during the middle of the course - now all of my configsare gone.


      I will do my due diligence to properly set-up, configure andsafe my configurations which I have been just using the defaults but obviouslyI need to put some more time and effort into properly setting up GNS3 forWindows 7.

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          While I have had success running GNS3 on Win7 x64, the best results I've seen are on Linux.  I've also been running GNS3 on Win7 x86 for months now (work laptop, don't get to choose what OS goes on it), and it's stable there as well.


          What version have you been running? I always go out and grab the latest.



          Things to look at....


          Have you tried a different IOS? Different images perform differently, as it were.  Just like production.....


          What options did you have enabled?

          Are you using hypervisor manager?
          How much RAM do you have?

          Did you tune for idle-pc?



          Those are typically things that I look at when I hear people having trouble with GNS3 on windows.