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    NATIVE VLAN not working with Router on a stick!!!

    Cameron Hughes

      Hey guys,



      So I just took my packet tracer lab final (switching) and got a 98/100 well what I missed was the native/management vlan not being able to be on a sub interface. I did




      int fa0/0.43

      encap dot1q 43

      ip add



      No shut


      (it would not let me use the "encap dot1q native" "encap dot1q native 43" as a command.


      The switch was fine and all the pcs on diffrent vlans could ping through the router but the switches management vlan/native vlan (same vlan) wouldn't ping the router.....




      I read something that said older IOS you had to use the fa0/0 and not a sub int...... Is this what my problem was?    Is "encap dot1q native" the command I am looking for and it just didn't work this time because  Packet tracer is a simulation.