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    Regarding Voucher Validity and Expiration Date


      This is regarding to the Voucher Validity period and expiration Date


      Generally , if you opt for a CCNA exam and want to purchase a Voucher  ... how long it can be used and what might be the usage period( And Expiration period)?I know it is 1 year for the new vouchers taken from Jan-2012 . But I wonder if the vouchers which were purchased in earlier time like ... prior to Dec-2011 also have the same 1 year expiration date or just 4 months


      This is important to me because here in India ...  the vouchers issued in 2011 were with less duration ( Just 3-4 months prior to expiration date ).

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          You'd probably have to talk to who you purchased the vouchers from or talk to the company they are for.  They might be able to extend the timeline or grant you a new one and expire the old one.

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            We have contacted the Prometric Center where we scheduled the exam. The executive there replied us that there is no possibility of granting a new one or extend the expiry date. I have also requested an higher official of the Academy where I paid the fees and she again contacted the same person. I don't know what he said to her, but there is no response from that official of the academy. If I could get some in-depth details about it, I can urge the academy official to look into this issue seriously


            I don't think if I could get help from that Prometric executive and I am not sure if he   know the details about the Voucher date extension or something


            Update :

            Can you also please tell me if the  validity of Cisco Vouchers are of 1 year actually ? Or only from this year?

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              Rigo - Community Moderator

              Hi A,


              For clarification, was your exam voucher provided to you by the Cisco Networking Academy?


              If yes, you can visit the following FAQ here that contains a Networking Academy Support contact where you may be able to submit your particular voucher inquiries.


              Also, all Cisco certification exams are administered worldwide through our Cisco Test Delivery Partner, Pearson VUE. Prometric is no longer a Cisco Certification Test Delivery partner.


              Good luck!




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                The academy name is NIIT LTD. The largest in India. They collected the full amount on date of joining which includes the CISCO Certification FEEs. We spoke to their Regional Head and she responded that they can't help us with the voucher implying that CISCO is responsible for everything related to Voucher. I know that is not correct


                Now all the batch members doubt that if the institute provided us the old Vouchers with less time of validity and they might have been get them in bulk a long time ago and given to us



                We are enquiring here in other institutes and it is proven that what we believe is correct. Could any one confirm about that? We doubt that any vouher issued by PearsonVUE/CISCO should have 1 year validty

                We requested an High rank official of the institute to do something with the vouchers and to give us some more time. But they haven't do that because of CISCO conditions

                Does any one have Idea about the Voucher dates and How the CISCO or PearsonVUE issue them?


                BTW, we don't have access to Cisco Network academy and haven't recieve a favorable response when we ask the institute about credentails for that Network academy site access

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                  Hi A ,

                  What seems to be the issue ?

                  I handle all Cisco voucher issues with NIIT India and would be happy to help you out .