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    Loopback interfaces

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      My name is goodboy and he is favio


      goodboy: favio what are you doing!!! why are you configuring 6 loopback on the same router....dont you know that one loopback is enough?


      favio: Oh man the lab is telling me so, so I can learn how to do summarization . Why are you saying one is enough?


      goodboy: loopback is there for testing purposes because loopback interface never go down and u can always use it to ping the router


      favio: So why is the lab making me to configure 6 loopback interfaces if at the end we just need one?


      goodboy: I don't know, better ask someone else, as I am as confused as you are!


      favio: Please anyone, whats the purpose of having 6 loopback interfaces on a router?

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