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    DHCP issue

    Vybhav Ramachandran

      Hello All,


      I have a sample topology configured during studies and i'm facing the following issue with DHCP. The problem is the clients are unable to obtain the IP address from the DHCP server configured on the Access Point.


      Here's what the config looks like:

      SSID : DATA

      IP DHCP POOL : .

      Both the d0.211 and gig0.211 are in bridge-group 2.


      I see the client is getting associated but its unable to fetch an IP address although i have the DHCP pool configured on the AP. However, when i configure the switch(to which the AAP is connected) as a DHCP server , the clients are able to get an IP address . Looks like the DHCP packets are getting bridged correctly from the WLAN to the wired side and going to the switch. However, the same doesn't work when i have a locally configured DHCP server on the AP.


      I read a thread on NetPRO which suggested that since bridge-group 2 doesn't have an L3 interface on the AP, by configuring a BVI (BVI2) , it should start working. But it hasn't.


      Any ideas, what the issue is? I'm sure i'm missing some kinda concept here.