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    malicious software web traffic detection tool


      hi guys, does cisco have any software to detect malicious web traffic?


      is wireshark able to detect such traffic?


      thanks for any input.

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          Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

          Wireshark is able to detect just about anything.  There are challenges when it is encrypted though.  Additionally, there is a steep learning curve to understanding what is normal and not (on your network and in general).  So I use wireshark for troubleshooting when I KNOW something is going on.  This is typically in reaction to a complaint of some sort.


          Cisco has a Botnet Traffic feature that can be licensed on the ASA.  They also have their more full featured Ironport Web Security solution.

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            Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply.

            Actually, this is for my home PC. I believe that there is some malware on my home network.


            Because some websites i'm not able to accesss, i was automatically block and saying that my public ip is ban.


            and when searching google they would prompt me to key in some letters, because there's a lot of traffic originated from my public ip.


            Had tried a lot of anti-virus  but they were not able to detect. I believe that the malware is residing on the hidden partition of my hard drive (the recovery partition).


            I  don't have time delete the recovery partition, because once i did that i need to go down to the service center to copy those files again.


            So i was thinking before i delete the partition or smashed the hard drive, why not try to study or analyze the traffic on my home network.


            Anyway, i will try to download books for network security analysis. any recommendations?


            Thanks again,