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    wireless - help..

    Pradip Patole

      Dear All,


      I have cisco 1140,1141 & 1142 e-series wireless routers please let us know which is the best from enterprise point of view..


      and what kind of the security please suggest for the same.


      Best Wishes - PP

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          Pete Nugent

          First things  first its not a wireless router as it does not route  its a wireless access point.


          Second the 1140 will be either an 1141 or an 1142, the difference being the 1141 has a single 2.4GHz radio and the 1142 has a dual radio 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz.


          I prefer the 1142 as you get the extra 5.0GHz radios so you utilise this in addition to the 2.4GHz. Its only a few dollars more and your basically getting better capacity, the 5.0GHz radios offer a great many benefits.

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            if its in india (-N)


            if its indoor requirement in office area go for integrate area(1040/1140)


            if its indoor and rugdgied area go for external antena  1262


            if its outdoor mesh 1552


            if its interference zone area go for 3500 series


            if coverage area is more go for 3600 Series.