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    one-time password


      Hello Wireless guys and girls!


      Do you know any way how to achieve this (as simple as possible) :


      • You can create user (etc. with web authentication feature on cisco WLC);
      • Just one user can login with these credentials ( maybe AP can block other users by looking at their MAC address?)


      I'm talking about a feature that is used in places like hotels. User buy a ticket with credentials. Other users can't use the same credentials.

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          chris reynolds

          Have you ever looked into using the Lobby Admin feature. I believe in some instances hotels will use this feature. You could create a temp login account for users that you can set the expiration time on it. So they connect to the SSID, get the web splash screen, and log in with the credentials that they have been giving.


          Is that sound like something you are looking to do?

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            Yes Chris, that's web authentication. But I think there is no problem for other users, to use same credentials and get "FREE" wifi . (So I need some restrictions ) I think there is a way to achieve this with tacacs/radius server or mac address filtering.