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    Question about AIR-LAP1242AG-A-K9

    angel caido

      Hi CLN:


      Does anyone know how to reset this AP AIR-LAP1242AG-A-K9 to its factory default settings(mode button maybe)?? I cannot access it through telnet, Web Gui nor WLC.

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          googling would be the definite answer, but I believe if you hold down the mode button down for 60 seconds it will reset to factory defaults.

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            angel caido

            Thanks for your reply Rickey. In fact i had already found something, here it is:


            Step 1 Disconnect power (the power jack for external power or the Ethernet cable for in-line power) from the

            access point.

            Step 2 Press and hold the MODE button while you reconnect power to the access point.

            Step 3 Hold the MODE button until the Ethernet LED turns an amber color (approximately 2 to 3 seconds), and

            release the button.

            Step 4 After the access point reboots, you must reconfigure the AP.


            Do these instructions apply if my AP is set to lightweight?



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              ours are LWAP and I use the method you pasted.  So, I haven't had any problems.  So I would say yes.

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                Jason B

                Also, note that a lightweight AP does not respond to telnet by default (needs to be configured in the WLC - can also use SSH when configured) and it does not support a GUI connection.

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                  angel caido

                  I just tried to restore the AP to its factory settings using the above mentioned method, but it did not work. Does anyone have any other ideas?


                  Thank you!

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                    Have you consoled in to this AP to verify is name?  If the name of the AP is AP<mac address> and as it boots it tries to discover a controller, then I would say you were successful.

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                      Jason B

                      As Jared said, how do you know that it didn't work?  The mode button is the way to set it to its factory default.  If the AP isn't doing what you are expecting, something else is not set properly.  If the mode button isn't working, please provide the output of a console connection to the AP so we can see what's going on from the AP's perspective.

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                        Pete Nugent

                        WHen you say its not working is that simply because it is not registered to the controller?


                        What controller discovery mechanism are you using? DNS DHCP option 43?


                        Are there any errors on the controller?


                        Is the switchport correctly configured?

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                          angel caido

                          Thank you for all the responses, here is the thing:


                          The AP is in a remote office, it used to be registered to the WLC(Static IP and DHCP option 43) but i was having lots of issues with it(The AP would reject all user WEP, WPA, web auth did not matter), so i thought i would reset it and start from scratch. So i tried to reset it to its factory settings so it would grab an IP from the DHCP and also grab the option 43 but for some reason the AP won´t let the static IP go so i went ahead and did the steps i posted above however the AP shows up with the same IP, that makes me think the resetting process did not work.


                          Hope this is a clear explanation of what is going on and you could suggest something.



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                            Pete Nugent

                            Was the ap in the remote office when you were having the issues or have you recently moved it to the remote office?


                            Do you have other aps in remote offices that work ok? That will indicate your L3 connectivity to the controller is OK.


                            The ap should fail back to dhcp even with static IP if it cannot connect to a controller. I think that takes about 30 mins.


                            Can you post a toplogy or configs

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                              angel caido

                              Thanks for your reply. The AP was in the romte office when i was having issues with it(in fact according to local users the AP has never worked ok since it was originally installed which was 2 years ago). L3 is ok, as all the pcs at this remote office can connect to DC, also i can ping the AP´s static IP even from the WLC. I can see the AP trying to discover a controller via Layer 2 and layer 3 on the router(it even tries to use LWAPP and CAPWAP), and it´s been doing the discovery process for several days now. My guess is that since the AP still has a static IP i will never try to grab one from the DHCP hence it will not receive option 43 and discover a controller.


                              Does that make sense?



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                                Pete Nugent

                                I am assuming that you are using H-REAP in the remote office?


                                If you are seeing discovery requests at the router the question then is are you seeing them at the controller? Which router is this that you see the discovery requests on the remote ap router or the controller side router?


                                The fact that you are seeing discovery requests coming from the ap indicates its working, also never having worked previously indicates there has always been a problem.


                                Just because pcs work ok is completely irrelevant to L2 and L3 being ok for wireless.


                                First the access point uses different protocols on different ports, CAPWAP on port 5246 and 5247, are they open on the firewall?


                                Does the controller have a public facing IP address?


                                Not wanting to continually ask the same questions do you have a topology or configs as we are guessing here. Also are there other remote access points connected to the controller.

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                                  angel caido

                                  OK, here is quick diagram i put together. There is no firewalls, nor port blocking between the remote office and the WLC and all ips are private. I see the AP doing the discovery process on the remote router.ap.jpg

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                                    Jason B

                                    On the router, try the following commands:


                                    ip forward-protocol udp 5246

                                    int x (the gateway interface for the AP in question)

                                    ip helper-address x.x.x.x (the management interface IP address on the WLC)


                                    That will send the CAPWAP broadcast discovery packets to the WLC and should allow the AP to join.

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