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      Whats the value of CCIE now and before. ??? Now a days values are diminishing because of dumps available in market ??? which one is better CCIE or JNCIE. i want an expert level certification but when i have talk with IT people currently working IT fields are saying CCIE exams are easy because of dumps. IS it true ..???

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          remy, there is nothing easy about the CCIE lab.  Years of study and focus is required and I am sure the same can be said about the JNCIE.  You need a wide range of skills to pass the CCIE lab exam, I do not think dumps will help you when you eventually get there.  There is no shortcut and the people that say the to you the CCIE is easy should give it a go themselves.  Good luck with the studies.

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            there are more CCIEs now than ever before maybe this is why value of CCIE is diminishing.

            besides, are there dumps for CCIE lab exam?

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              I guess a better question would be what do you feel your value is now, and what will it be after gaining the CCIE. A piece of paper is only as valuable as the person holding it. Two CCIEs are not necessarily equal.

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                Tyler Halfpop

                There are more CCIEs, but there is also more need for CCIEs.  It is still looked at as the most respected and sought after certifications I believe.  I'm excited to start studying for it.



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                  Pradip Patole

                  Remy, i would like to tell u ccie is is not easy as u think..u have wide knowledge..if u talking about dumps. it easily available in market for ccie wrriten but if u think about LAB then there is no way...u should study thoroughly...


                  because after LAB if u want nice job with goo salary u have to clear ur interview round..


                  Believe ur all queries are clear... so work and do study thorougtly and dont trust on rumours...u believe on urself and go ahead..opportunities are waiting for u..


                  Good Luck..


                  Best Wishes - PP (Pradip Patole)

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                    so many dumps are available. if you google for CCIE exam you will get so many sites. i know so many use this dumps to pass exam, i never heard of a guy who pass JNCIE using dumps. thats why i am confused, which one is good.

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                      i know more then 10 CCIE holders, but all of them passed thier CCIE in thier second of third attemp. I agree that there are dumps available to get CCNA,CCNP, and CCIE written exams, but first time hearing that that there are dumps for the lab exam...

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                        Where there is glory - there will always be cheaters.


                        The guys that do find a way to cheat the system - will never amount to anything, they will get found out at some point and there little sad world will crash down around them. Do not lose any sleep or waste time at what some others maybe doing - focus on your goals at get there.


                        I would rather fail trying, then win by cheating.


                        Just my 2 pence.



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                          Yes, there are ways to cheat.  There always are.  Anything that does not change EVERY time a candidate sits it, lends itself to information getting into the "wild". However, if you wanted it to change every time, I'd bet the price would skyrocket.  Nobody wants that......especially not Cisco.  


                          With that said, I've only met a few folks that have passed their lab on the first attempt, I surely did not, and I doubt even if I had seen the full lab the day before, could I have crammed enough to pass it. I simply was not well enough prepared. 


                          You either know it or you do not, and the lab does a pretty good job of figuring that out for you.  Yes, there are folks who can learn "the lab" well enough to pass it but have little effectual real life experience, but then again, the lab does not test real life experience, it tests the blueprint.


                          The CCIE - while it is incredibly prestigious and very sought after - is still just a certification.  Yes, it carries a lot of weight, but it also carries a bit of responsibility as well.  If I know you have a CCIE, I honestly expect more out of you, as I will myself once I pass.  As Marko Milovojevic said at CiscoLive 2011 - "passing the lab does not make you an expert, you need to be an expert to pass the lab".  100% true.


                          There are a lot of skills and traits that you need to be truly successful in this industry that the CCIE written and lab exams do not touch on, you need to keep the CCIE in perspective.  It's tough, and it forces you to learn things at a whole new level. But in the end, it is still a fallible technical exam set.  I refuse to let my comments take away from the months and years of effort that folks put into it though, it's a beast of a process and folks earn every ounce of respect they get when they earn those digits.  Just trying to add a little perspective to the conversation.

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                            Nice response Travis.

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                              I second that.  Good luck on your next attemp Travis.




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                                Rigo - Community Moderator

                                Hi Remy,


                                Cisco is very aware of these malicious sources known as braindumps and does not support their use (as it is a form of cheating). Cisco is also working to eliminate these types of sources. In addition, the use of braindump sites/material is highly discouraged by many, including the Cisco Learning Network community, as sources for studying.


                                Instead, we recommend that individuals use reputable training materials and/or to train with a Cisco Learning Partners (http://www.cisco.com/go/class_locator).




                                Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                                  DEEPAK ARORA

                                  lets get back to Basic.


                                  1. Who on earth is saying JNCIE is better than CCIE ?... I am gonna shoot him


                                  Anyways, considering idea is to choose expert level certification. It pretty much depends upon what work you are doing currently and what you want to do in near future. For example if the company you are working for is very much focussed on JUNIPER gear, JNCIE is better choice compare to CCIE. Since you have access to gear and more importantly you can see things working in production while you are learning and relate those with your study. Though don't mess up with production network for sake of learning .


                                  On the flip side, Even if you are running a full blown juniper network , CCIE is still gonna help you , since the technology is pretty much going to remain same for most of the part though there are always some vendor specific implementations. But youn  should still be good.


                                  next point to consider is availability of practice equipments, Support forums, Workbooks, Rack rentals, Books, Low cost trainings etc ... Finding which one for which vendor is easy ?... It's Cisco right


                                  In last, talking about dumps. They may or maynot help you with passing the exam. But being CCIE for example you don't know your stuff, you are not going to survive longer in job market. Also there are no so called "DUMPS" for "Expert level INTERVIEWS"


                                  In last " Its the journey to CCIE that makes you a better Engineer, Not the CCIE Certificate"



                                  Deepak Arora