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      whats the value of CCIE exam now a days.? which one is good. JNCIE or CCIE..?? IT professionals are saying CCIE value is getting degraded because of the materials available in the market for exam.? is it good if i go for CCIE..?

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          While its possible for any written credential to be devalued due to cheating, I think that the CCIE is different due to the lab exam.  That is a hard one to cheat on because it tests the application of ones knowledge and not just what they know.


          Also does cheating devalue the certification, or the person who holds it.  I believe all my certifications have value because they were obtained fairly and honestly. 

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            Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

            The CCIE does hold value.  First of all Cisco Gold and Cisco Silver Partners are required to have CCIE's on their payroll.  Since there aren't as many CCIE's as other certified individuals, that helps.  Additionally, for employers who understand the program, it demonstrates perseverance and your level of dedication to this area of technology.  Finally, CCIE's typically have a broad range of experience and expertise.  So although the blueprint may have a focus, they typical individual CCIE has worked in many areas that are on the the periphery (or completely different) than the blueprint.  So to an extent, it shows the level of maturity in the industry.

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              Dr. RDX

              CCIE is a good certification for people with experience

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                you are telling only written exam can devalued through the use of study materials. NO....its absolutely wrong. because if you go through the CCIe security study group or R&S study group for ex. we can see so many questions discussed what we can get in the exam, its clearly from the study materials that locally available in market. Now a day if you check ebay we can see so many sellers for CCIE exam dumps. i check with some guys and they told that its absolutly same thing what we got in LAB...i am not saying about the people who really study hard for the exam, but these frauds are devaluing the real CCIEs who study hard also.  now a FRESHER CAN PASS CCIE by using DUMPS available in internet. NOW CCIE exam is losing their priority in IT FIELD

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                  CCIE has the value.

                  Now in the internet world you can't hide anything. It is open to all. It is all about what you know. One can't say there are dumps and ignore the technology.

                  One has to understand the technology even to use the dumps.

                  One has to really know what he is doing in CCIE lab or even in CCNA, CCNP simulations. If you say dumps is bad, we can also say bootcamp is bad. We can say Cisco Press books are also bad. We can say training videos are bad. We can say youtube is bad (They have people saying about CCIE experience and training videos of some Cisco topics).

                  because all these have information of what is going to be in the exam.


                  It is like saying, i will not read Cisco press books because they have information of what is there in the exam. I will not see any training videos because that videos will have some information or knowledge to pass the CCIE. I will not use GNS3 because they have same IOS routers in it that what they have in the exam.


                  Then how we will learn the networking technology if we dont do anything.


                  Ignore the bad and take the good and start learning Networking. Stop wasting time in analyzing. We are here to learn.

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                    Value of CCIE is not degraded. Not at all.


                    Yes Dumps are there in the market and people discuss stuff coming in exams on various portals and study groups. and you think that is a problem.


                    Are you kidding me? I mean it happens everywhere in every field. didn't you referred Sample Papers while preparing for your degree/graduation exams or school exams even.


                    Didn't you asked seniors or friends, what will trainers ask in VIVA exam?


                    Even if there are sample papers or so called dumps in market, so what? You have it in every domain. You have dumps for Oracle, Checkpoint, MS, EMC2 as well. Then why only people are targeting Cisco? Because Cisco is king.

                    CCIE market is not going down. Open your eyes, it's growing.


                    In India, 5-6 years back, hardly any company needed CCIE's. Nowadays thousands of new System Integrator and Network Consulting companies have came into the picture and started hiring CCIE's to get silver or gold level partnerships.


                    Cisco business is growing in India. Companies has started trusting Cisco more aggressively over other vendors. That's why companies requires more Cisco engineers and Cisco has no objection in producing CCIE's because it is ultimately benefiting Cisco industry.


                    Preparation of dumps to prepare for CCIE is not a bad idea. Yes cramming dumps is not at all gives knowledge to students, and they understand it very well.