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    Aironet 1124 with 5500 series controller (Big problem)


      Hello all,


      We are using 5500 series controller with lwap 1142 APs to cover a building with about 7 access points per floor. Each AP advertises 3 SSIDs. We are having an issue when where client's connect to an access point, the client will have a solid signal, and after few minutes the signal will still look solid, but actually the client will loose it's IP address!!


      I'm not sure what the issue, but I ran a wireless analyzer and the graph looks wearied. It looks like Access Points are working together, each one of them will have a good power for maybe 20 seconds then drops dead, when it drops one of the other access points will come up with solid graph for 30 second, then it drops and so on. So on the graph you can see 7 access points, with all colors, and each one of them comes up hight for a while and goes down. All graphs are down-bill shaped too.


      You don't notice what is happening because on your windows/Linux/Mac you still see the bars are full, but you can't access the Internet because you have lost your IP.


      So I think the device doesn't de-associate but something is happening and I'm not sure if it is normal???


      Please if any one seen this before I would appreciate your input. I have attached a simple graph taken via my colleague for you to see the issue I'm talking about.

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