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    EtherChannel in auto silent mode


      Hi guys,can anybody give me a help?

      According to the cisco books,the silent submode of PAgP is used to form an EhterChannel with a device such as a file server or a network analyzer.
      So,if one endpoint of a link is cisco switch and is configured in "auto silent" mode while the other endpoint is a "silent partner" such as a network

      analyzer, the switch will form a channel after 15 seconds without any negotiation.

      So I think that if tow cisco switches at both ends of a link are configured in "auto silent" modes can form a EtherChannel, because both endpoints are

      in "silent" submode,however,the result of the test is not like what I think.

      Can anybody tell me what a "silent partner" is and what is the difference between "switch to switch(both are auto silent mode)" and "swith to silent partner"?