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    CCNP exams prerequisites


      Hi ! to all,



      If my CCNA certifications gets expire, can i go with the CCNP certifications?




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          Hello there, you can take the CCNP tests but the requipment is that you must hold a valid and current CCNA. So you can take that tests but you will not get the paperwork that says you are certified till after you finish the CCNA again.

          The best advice i can give to you is to take the CCNA since a lot of things have changed in the exam and the CCNP covers the areas also. Doing it this way means that you will not be so lost.


          When does your CCNA expired or has expired

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            Take just 1 exam before CCNA expire;


            take ICND2 to re-new your current CCNA for more 3 years

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              Rigo - Community Moderator

              Hi Abhijeet,


              Yes, since Associate and Professional level exams do not have to be taken in any particular order, you can test for the CCNP exams even if you do not have a valid CCNA certification. However, you will not be certified in CCNP until you have fulfilled all requirements-- Valid CCNA certification + valid CCNP exams.


              Please note that you will have three years to complete all of the exam requirements for the CCNP certifcation. The three years starts as soon as you pass the first exam required for the certification. This is due to the fact that Professional level exams are valid for 3 years from the date they are passed.


              For more information on the CCNP requirements, please visit www.cisco.com/go/ccnp


              Good luck!




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                I have passed CCIE - R&S written but now would like to go first for CCNP track. 

                To get CCNP certification, do I must pass CCNA or CCIE written only is enough?

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                  Rigo - Community Moderator

                  Hi Samq,


                  No, a valid CCIE Written exam alone will not fulfill the pre-requisite requirement for the CCNP certification. Only a valid CCIE certification can act as a pre-requisite OR a valid CCNA certification.


                  For pre-requisite and exam requirements, visit the CCNP certification page www.cisco.com/go/ccnp


                  Hope this helps and welcome to the Cisco Learning Network!




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                    CHEE SING

                    hi there,


                    i wish to ask for CCNP exam, can i still self prep to take the exam without undergo the training? currently a ccna holder.



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                      Rigo - Community Moderator

                      Hi CHEE SING,


                      Candidates have the option to take training courses with a Cisco Learning Partner but the courses are not required. To locate a Cisco Learning Partner, you can use the Global Learning Locator.


                      You can find self-study publications and other resources by visiting www.ciscopress.com Additional study resources and recommended training can be found on the Study/Learn page for any of the current CCNP exams.


                      Good luck to you!




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