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    STP on ICND1 Syllabus? just failed questions from practice!!


      I have just failed two questions on an ICND1 practice exam (not Boson but MeasureUp) about STP.


      Here is the first question:


      Which of the following bridge IDs will become the root bridge?


      A) 102410241234FACE

      B) 1024ABCD1234FACE

      C) 1024FACE198476AB

      D) 1024AB121704F52E


      I had no idea how to answer so guessed.

      The correct answer is apprently A.


      The second question was


      Which of the following conditions could cause a port to transition to a disabled state?


      A) A port violation has occured

      B) The port is not a root designated port

      C) A BPDU is detected on a BPDU Guard-enabled port

      D) The switch connected to your port has a faster way back to the root


      I picked A but apparently the answers were A and C!! What the **** is a BPDU Guard enabled port. I thought that was the obvious one to rule out!!


      Are these two ICND1 material questions?? I have done CBT Nuggets, Train signal, ICND1 cisco press book, Lamle's book and they all just touched on STP as it was "a topic for ICND2". But I get the exam prep book today and it has these on the practice exam. I have the real exam next Friday and I am now crapping myself thinking what else is in this new book that is not in the other material!!!