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    HSRP in 4 Routers and Switches (Full Mesh)


      Hi everyone


      I Need a little of your time to discuss this design and configuation issue


      I want to implement to following topology to provide full redundancy with frame-relay as WAN link and HSRP for Routers and Switches in LAN.

      Right off the bat , is this a correct proposal for redundancy, if yes

      How we should implement it

      Both Switches and Routers should be running HSRP or one pair would suffice?

      How about the platform of routers ? does that matter ?

      How IP addressing for internal links ( those which goes to switches ) should be done ?

      More important how users should set their default gateway ? The ghost IP of Switches or Routers. Make the question simpler if there are two vlans how should they set default gateway to access the outside? Interface VLAN as default gateway ?

      If yes then switches must do routing to get to routers. This will increase latency


      Thanks you.