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    multiple gateways on isa in front of Cisco router

    Hassan Tofaha

      Hi all

      i have two subnets as follow



      DSL modem router --->Isa 2006 TWO NICs (AS APROXY )---->CISCO SWITCH-(DC-DNS-DHCP)--->CISCO ROUTER 2800---->SWITCH---->WORKSTATIONS


      One for the servers subnet and the internal interface of the isa

      2nd is for the work stations


      i want the work stations to use the internet

      from the work station subnet i can ping all servers except the isa 2006

      the problem is tha isa has two NICs the external have the DSL modem router  IP as default getway

      and for the internal of the isa i know that i should make the 2800 router interface as the default getway

      but this is not acceptable bu the isa


      so what can i do ?

      note im using the isa 2006 as avirtual machin in windows server 2008 r2 -hyper V