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    Where can I find CCIE's who are looking for work?


      The County of Los Angeles is in desperate need of a Telecom Systems Engineer for their Internal Services Department...This is a 1 yr FULL TIME contract assignment that can go an additional 1-3 yrs...


      Candidates must live in Southern California or be willing to relocate at their own expense…However, we can back out a “per-diem” amount tax free?


      Hourly wage is DOE...

      If you or somoene you know would be interested/qualified, please email resume along with “hourly wage” desired, to emartin@superbtechinc.com

      Here is the complete job description:






      The Telecommunications Project Management (TPM) Section of the Internal Services Department (ISD) needs to acquire the services of one (1) Telecommunications Systems Engineer Consultant to assist in the implementation and support of large scale Cisco based data-communications networks, e-mail systems, planning and managing every aspect of data-communications systems, including building space, electrical, HVAC, and buildings' wiring & cabling infrastructures.


      The selected Consultant must have demonstrated strong knowledge and experience using Cisco hardware/software, building wiring infrastructures/standards and M/S server and desktop software. In addition, the Consultant should have demonstrated knowledge and experienced with VoIP systems, e-mail networks, internet firewalls, routers, smart hubs and desktop software.




      TPM Section's staff provides engineering and support services for the planning, design, installation, integration, and administration of Cisco based data-communications networks, e-mail networks and VoIP systems for the Los Angeles County, Health Services Department, Probation, County Courts and other County Departments and agencies.


      Due to the rapid growth of the LA County departments telecommunications networks, has created the need to acquire the services Consultant to supplement our technical work force.




      The selected Consultant will be required to support the following:


      1.                                    Design, configure, implement and support Cisco based communications networks, e-mail systems, wireless networks and premise wiring systems to meet County user requirements.


      2.                 Prepare detailed cost estimates of Cisco systems and work specifications for acquisition and implementation of data-communication systems including all their sub-systems.


      3.                 Conduct site surveys of existing buildings to gather and document information required for the planning, design and implementation of new or replacement of voice/video and data systems.


      4.                 Manage the implementation process to ensure conformance to both County specifications and industry standards (i.e. TIA/EIA, BICS etc.) adopted by the Los Angeles County. Interface with vendors and other County organizations to ensure delivery of complete, functional products.


      5.                 Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot the data & telecommunications network's Cisco network equipment, including but not limited to routers, switches, VPN concentrator, firewall, wireless networks and Access Control Servers.



      6.       Lift network and/or Cisco equipment at a Physical class level: 2 - light.


      The Consultant must meet the following minimum qualifications:

      1.                                     Four (4) years experience, within the last five (5) years, with Cisco network equipment, including configuration and fault isolation of LAN equipment, smart hubs, switches and Cisco routers.

      2.                  Three (3) years experience within the last four (4) years configuring and troubleshooting Cisco wireless networks.

      3.                  Four (4) years experience within the last five (5) years configuring and administrating Microsoft O/S, including NT, 2003, 2007, and Windows XP.

      4.                  Four (4) years experience within the last five (5) years with LAN hardware and software testing equipment, such as SNIFFERS LAN analyzers, cable testers/scanners, etc.

      5.                  Four (4) years experience within the last five (5) years configuring, supporting and troubleshooting e-mail systems such as GroupWise and/or MS Outlook.

      6.                  Four (4) years experience within the last five (5) years working with telecommunications wiring standards, such as BICS, TIA/EIA, NEC, etc.

      7.                  Must be Microsoft (MCSE), CCNA (or CCNP)and Cisco CCIE certified. Must provide copy of certifications if called for an interview.


      The contractor must provide the following documentation to assist in the contractor selection:

      1.   References of three former clients/employers for whom telecommunications and/or LAN projects were performed.


      Should you not be interested/qualified, perhaps you can refer me to someone who might be. We would pay you a referral bonus ($300-$1,000) should your referral get hired. I am also looking to fill other permanent & contract positions in California, South Carolina & Texas, we can certainly discuss those as well.

      If you or someone you know may be interested please email me your resume in word format and along with your salary requirements and I will contact you to follow up ASAP…


      Hope to hear from someone soon!


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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          A few things.....


          1.  You are looking for a CCIE?  or you are looking for someone who knows "enough" about everything?


          2.  HVAC?  Seriously?


          3.  It's BICSI standards (next to EIA/TIA you have)


          4.  If you're going to lift Cisco equipment of any decent capacity, it is not "light"


          5.  If someone is CCIE certified, what does it matter about CCNA/CCNP?  One supercedes the other.


          While it probably sounds like a good idea to whomever created the job, this is NOT a position that needs (or likely would attract) a CCIE.  While you nicely say that salary depends on experience, that avoids the whole idea about what the range is.  Not to mention the high cost of living in that area.


          The description SHOULD read "Must be Microsoft (MCSE) and Cisco (CCNA/CCNP) certified.  Must provide copy of certifications if called for an interview."


          THAT would make sense.  Looking for a CCIE (IMHO) does not make any sense in line with the other things listed there.


          Good luck in searching though!





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            Thanks for the "tips" Scott...


            The position is not going to be easy to fill, I understand that...I understand the "County" may be asking for a bit much here but the requirements are unfortunately "set in stone"...


            Thus far, we have identified 2 candidates with all of the requirements below however, our client wants a 3rd before making a selection...The hourly wage I’d say is anywhere from $110hr-$180hr (maybe more? again DOE)...


            Lastly, this is a full time (40hrs+ a week) 1yr contract position with the possibility of it being extended and/or converted into a "perm" position with full benefits.

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              Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

              220k to 360k a year is the rate they are looking at?  Well, I admit that I didn't expect that in reading the job description. 


              Good luck in your search!