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    Exam Lab Questions


      Just wondering if in the exam will it be ok to put comands in and use the tab key to complete the word??


      I tend to type the first two letters that seems to be fine on the cisco kit.  But can you do this in the exam?








      or just





      Also when you set the password for the VTY line and console what does the login command do?  I understand that loggin Syc means when there is a message it starts a new line in the command. But unsure about the login command.


      On the Ccent exam 1 do you need to know IGRP as its not on the Exam Topics paper?



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          yes, u can use tab and ? and shortcuts;


          if u put no login under vty, then you can login via telent without any passwords; which is OK for labbing;


          otherwise, you can specify login   methods and types with login command, do login ?



          IGRP is GONE!

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            If a shortbut is not allowed you will get a message that pops up telling you that command cannot be used, so on any command you will have to doubt at all if it can be used not.


            Without breaking the NDA, just make sure you can find out information on links, routes etc from more than just one command you are familiar with.