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    Passed CCDP (old exam)

    ericleahy - CCNP, CCDP, CCNA SEC

      Hey guys,


      Ok on the last day of the exam I have passed it .


      I had been thinking it over for sometime of whether to do the old exam or the new one??!! But after I read a post Chad had put up asking the same question. The reply's I read from that post made perfect sense for me to get myself ready and do the old ARCH exam. One of the reply's which made me think ok I will do the old exam, the one I was always preparing for, I think it was Travis said it "it does not make any difference which exam you do, it will still ready the same four letters CCDP when you pass it" it was something along them lines . It made perfect sense to me and to continue on with my prep for the 642-873 exam. Also CiscoPress has not released any new books in relation to the new exam, 642-874,??!!




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            Congratulations Eric - great news!  And yes I believe that was me.


            Going to take a break now or push on into something else?

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              ericleahy - CCNP, CCDP, CCNA SEC

              Thanks guys


              @Travis I dont know what to do I was hoping to strat on my CCIE R&S? As I was thinking the CCDP would of left me of nicely to begin there? But with work they are looking for me to get CCNP SEC!!?? Also none of the new CiscoPress books have been released yet for the CCNP SEC??


              For the CCIE R&S I was thinking if I start now on the studying I am looking to sit the lab in 16 - 18 months?? That is if life treats me nicely . I have all my books already, home lab setup and INE study access setup..


              What to do ???


              Thanks again guys



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                Ryan Ruckley CCNP


                You have done well to squeeze it in! I, on the other hand, haven't and am now faced with sitting the new exam with little study material to show for it.


                I at a loss as to wether to proceed. I've studied up well on the old exam and score reasonably well now on Boson but have no idea how the new content will factor in and how I'm going with it. I've bought a bit of content from CLN as it was the only place I could find useful content but I'm still not sure how to gauage my exam readiness.


                I guess I just go in , give it a go. I'll know by the end if I was ready!




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                  ericleahy - CCNP, CCDP, CCNA SEC

                  Hey Ryan,


                  Yeah I feel your pain. I really dont think Cisco (or Cisco Press) thought this one out fully, by not bring out the new study material in time for the ending of the old ARCH exam! Like I said I found it very hard to find a good study strategie for taking the new ARCH exam. By working of the exam blue print, there is a lot of stuff that was not covered in the ARCH Cisco Press study guide that I used for the old ARCH exam. Things like VSS are just touched on and new topics like the new Nexus gear was not even in the the study guide I used!!


                  I had taken a couple of the practice exams on the Cisco Learn website for the new ARCH exam and I gagged myself from that to really think that I was not ready for the new ARCH, by using the old study guide.


                  Lets hope they do bring out the new study stuff soon? I would like to read up on what they have added in about the Nexus and best designs for them within the network??



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                    Eric/Ryan, I feel your pain. When I was trying to finish up my CCNP back in 2007 when they introduced ISCW and ONT, it took them 7 months to release the books. You need to keep in mind that Cisco Press is actually a subset of Pearson Education, not actually Cisco.  Sure they work hand in hand, and they have a very intricate partnership, but I do not believe Cisco owns Cisco Press.  This is just my observation and I'm sure Jamie Adams from Cisco Press could clarify, but she works for Pearson, not Cisco, which should tell you something.   Tough situation to be in for the students.



                    With that said, nobody ever said studying for your CCIE had a deadline.  ****, I've been working on mine off and on for two and a half years.  Life can get in the way, big time.  What I can say that if you want a quick pay off, like more certs on the resume, stick with professional level certs or look to other vendors.  The CCIE is a long journey even fresh off the CCNP bus.  Expect it to take 1-2 years depending on your time available, dedication and whether you have your own lab or need to rent rack time(which makes scheduling a bit trickier).


                    With that said, I will unequivocally say that just the journey alone towards the Lab has been worth the time commitment, in it's weight in gold.  Even without the digits I am a far stronger engineer, with a better developed toolset to offer employers.

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                      ericleahy - CCNP, CCDP, CCNA SEC

                      Hey Travis,


                      Yes I do believe Cisco and Cisco Press are two different company's. But as we have said it would be nice if they did work together and have the study guides and exams come out hand in hand. We are not asking for much are we???


                      When I say 16 - 18 months to do the lab, what I mean is I would like to be in a position to say "yes I feel ready to sit the lab". It is something I want to do. I have looked into what you have said about getting more certs/tracks in the professional level. But when I look at them none of them really get me going, other than looking at the R&S stuff


                      It is not something I woke up yesterday and said "yes I think I will start studying of the CCIE R&S now". I found the Design track very longwinded at times because there was no hands on, it is all really book work! So I found myself working from Narbiks workbook "The gap from CCNP to CCIE" and when I had that completed I started working on the INE lab workbook V1. Like you have said by just doing this little bit has made me a stronger engineer. So the plan is to continue on with the lab workbooks while reading the books



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                        eric, sounds like a great plan.  If you have not already, and it is in your budget, you should look into INE's new Advanced Technologies bootcamp.  Brian Mcgahn really did a great job on the re-tooling of it, They go into more detail than is necesary in some areas(such as frame relay) but it helps a lot to really understand the underlying technologies.  If you are already using INE it's a great companion.  I've found with the CCIE there is so much stuff to cover, that with pairing reading, with VODs, and lab time, I can study longer each day without losing focus or burning out.  I try to do 30-60 minutes of video a day if nothing else, keeps me fresh.


                        Here are some strategies that Petr Lapukhov put together that also helped me developed study tactics: http://blog.ine.com/2010/07/22/getting-the-most-out-of-ccie-rs-workbooks-vol1-and-vol2/