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    take ROUTE exam years after BSCI in order to renew CCNA

    Davide Mallia

      Hi all,


      I passed the old BSCI exam in July 2008 (so it will expires in July 2011). After that I haven't done any other professionals exams (no one of CCNP/CCIP/CCDP paths). I think I will not complete my preparation in time (before July 2011) in order to pass SWITCH and TSHOOT exam (and take CCNP cert), so I'm going to apply the following strategy in order to renew my CCNA and stay "on the road" with any CCxP path at the same time:


      -> prepare and pass the ROUTE exam before July 2011.


      Since I passed BSCI I guess I should have most of knowledge in mind and good chanche to pass ROUTE exam, but I'd like to know from you if it's possible to repeat the same exam before its expiration date. So in my case if it's possible for me to take ROUTE exam years after BSCI (but before BSCI expiration date).


      Thanks all for your support