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    Lab 9 issues, or is it just me?


      Dear All,

      I was working on a Packet Tracer lab with my study group and had an issue with one of the labs.

      I actually thought the issue was part of the lab and solved the issue on my own, but when I pointed out that I had to my group leader said I should not have had to do that. After reviewing the lab with others, I thought I would post here and see if it was just me, or something else.


      I am using PT 5.3.1.

      The Lab is listed as # 9.


      It is attached.


      Basically I found that the lab could not be completed as the instructions listed. There is no [ip route] or ip protocols being used in the instructions for the lab. I was not able to ping across the routers as in the instructions. I found that I had to put a static route into the routers 2 and 4.

      I did the static route since Router 4 is connected to router 1 and only see that interface through CDP. To get router 4 to see the network attached to router 2 I found a static route needed. I also put the route from 2 to 4 into router 4.


      Has anyone else run across this or I am just missing something here?


      I did start this lab with a blank PT file and built the network to the picture.

      Maybe if there was a lab designed with the routes or some protocol already running?

      I only say that because some of the later labs start with the [reload] command and this one does not.


      Any suggestions of what I may have misssed would be helpful.