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    CCNP Study Resources


      CCNP Study Tools


      I truly believe in having a variety of high quality, useful tools, with which to study.  


      I highly recommend the following:


      -Bryant Advantage CCNP CBT videos and ebooks.

      --Chris Bryant's CBTs are Fantastic!  He is always very thorough in his coverage of the exam topics and provides over 50 hours of top-notch training.  

      Also included with the purchase of his CBT Bootcamp are 6 ebooks: 3-CCNP, 1-Hex and 1-Binary/Subnetting, and CCNA-Security.  The ebooks serve as a combined and condensed version of the following Cisco Press offerings: Official Certification Guide, Quick Reference Sheets, and the "31 Days" series.  When you desire just the technologies, ample CLI-coverage, with purposeful explanations -- This is it!





      -Yap Chin Hoong-CCNP Route Complete

      --Excellent guide, which comes with Wireshark packet captures that verify the theory and protocol behavior!


      -Cisco Press Offerings

      --Foundation Learning Guides: I purchase these to ensure familiarity with Cisco exam verbiage and to leave no doubt in my mind that I know the "Cisco" answer!


      --Cert Kits: Solid resource providing CBT, Quick Reference Sheets, and online Flash Cards


      --Portable Command Guides: Great as a networking tool and last-minute pre-exam room command recall!


      --Cisco Networking Academy Lab Guides: Guided Labs which are also useful for deciding which lab equipment to purchase.



      --I also like Transcender and Boson practice exams for final, month-before, exam readiness verification!



      --Packetlife.net is an all-around great site!  Stretch provides a variety of resources from "free" racks to links to numerous networking utilities, in addition to his Awesome blog!


      I hope you too will enjoy having these tools in your toolbox.


      Best Regards,


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          With regards to cost/value for money, I would have to strongly agree with Bryant Advantage and the Cisco Press Portable Command Guides you mentioned. Out of everything i study with; those are the 2 main ones i keep coming back to for those fine details on subjects.


          I normally buy the Boson exam once i am close to finishing the book, they are quite detailed on why the answer is correct, and as an added bonus they are also quite detailed on why the in-correct answers are in-correct. This way you learn a lot from the right answers and a lot from the wrong answers.