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    Termination of NFS (D-NFS or NFS v3) mount points within a Cisco Device


      I would appreciate a timely reply on this.


      Does anyone know if MDS 9200 or 9500 Director Class or Nexus can present NFS termination points for a Unix host instead of a Storage Controller like a NetApp Head?


      For the scenario that you have a Cisco shop and you have existing 4 GB SAN Storage Controllers, could a Cisco FC switch serve as the in between?


      It is my understanding that the new Layer 4-7 Brocade Application Switches (Iron) do this (IP) and the EOL Brocade Silkworm FC switches used to do this.


      Thanks in Advance for any relevant replies and URLs as this is hard to find exact data on in 2011.  It seems FC is fading out into vintage technology.   Goal is to not have the NETAPP and use Cisco solution if it exists for lower port density sub 50 ports N+1.