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    OSPF vs EIGRP:  will network cause the advertisement of a default route?

    Vincent Ricci

      Question:  Will IOS advertise a default route into the OSPF domain when using the command network area 0

      (as EIGRP does when using network ?


      In EIGRP, network will cause IOS to *** put a default route *** into the EIGRP table (Route 642-920 page 128).


      In OSPF, I am not sure...  and I want to confirm that IOS behaves differently (or not)...


      I know OSPF router sub-commands redistribute {static | bgp} or default-information originate  would advertise (flood LSA-type 5 or -7/nssa)

      But I want to know specifically about network 0 and confirm any specific difference/similarity with EIGRP.