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    Troubleshooting Wan Help



      I have been lurking on this site for about a month now and have picked up



      many valuable tidbits of information. Due to work schedule, I cannot attend



      any formal classes so I am using the self taught method to get started



      with my Cisco training.






      I was wondering if there is a simple command that would let me know which



      side of the Wan link is the DCE side? In router simulations I have not found



      a way to tell where to set the clock rate. In real life, I would expect there would



      be times when I would be working on remote routers so I could not just walk up



      to them to see which serial cable was attached. So far I just try setting the clock



      on both sides and see if one works. This is not a very effective troubleshooting



      technique for exam simulations so I am looking for a better way to this.






      I do know that if I look at the command:



      show interface serial 0






      I would get this response:



      Serial 0 is up, line protocol is down



      This could mean the two sides are not talking the same protocol (PPP vs HDLC) or the clock



      rate is not set on one end.