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    wlc 5508 web-authentication


      hello, can you please help me to find out what is wrong?


      well, I have configured my wlc 5508. it also works as a dhcp server for wireless users. I have two dynamic interfaces on it, one is for the local users of my company and another one is for the guest users.

      I have created two wlans respectively. now I need to configure the web-authentication for my guest users. for this aim I turn on the web-policy on guest wlan and

      create a local net user, but when the guest tries to open web-site in its browser nothing happens. no invitation to insert username and password...

      Any suggestions?


      everything else works correctly, users get their ip thriough dhcp, connect to the internet, but when I turn on the web-policy - nothing is working..(( WHY??

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