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    Roter is not communicationg to L2 Switch


      Dear Friend,



      Pl find the attachment.

      • We want to give a public IP to L2SW switch, hence I created virtual interface in router as follows          

      R# config t         

      interface fast 0/1.50         

      encapsulation dot.1q 50         

      ip address X.X.X.X         

        no shut         


      • In L3 Switch - This is the DLINK  (DGS 3627)          

      We havae made trunk port which is comes from router and goes to L2 switch          

      VLAN Iis 50          


      • In L2 switch Interface created and IP given (x.x.x.x and allowed vlan 50 made it trunk port (DLINK - DES-3028P)          


      Router has to ping L2 Switch IP address, L2 Switch has to ping router but it is not happening.          

      Please guide us how we can make communicate each other.   So i can access L2 switch publically.