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    ISLs/portchannels on Gen-2 LCs


      Hi all,

         The question may sound naive but because I have never got the chance to work with Gen-2 LCs, the lab I have and even the iementor labs are based on Gen-1, my question is:


      To configure ISLs and eventually bundling into port-channel on Gen-2 line cards i.e. TE/E ports is it a MUST or just recommended to place the port in its dedicated mode?


      And when configuring E ports on Gen-1 32-port LC, is it a must to disable i.e shut down the ports in the same port group with the E port or just do not connect them to anything?


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          1. It is a must to have the Gen2 LC E/TE port in dedicated mode


          switch(config-if)# no switchport rate-mode dedicated

          fc1/1: (error) Auto/E mode is not allowed in shared rate-mode


          2. Gen 1 LC : The remaining port must be shut down.

          switch# sh int fc2/1-4 br

          Interface  Vsan   Admin  Admin   Status          SFP    Oper  Oper   Port
                            Mode   Trunk                          Mode  Speed  Channel
                                   Mode                                 (Gbps)
          fc2/1      1      E      on      notConnected     swl    --           --
          fc2/2      1      TL     --      down             swl    --           --
          fc2/3      1      FX     --      down             swl    --           --
          fc2/4      1      FX     --      down             swl    --           --
          switch# con
          Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
          switch(config)# int fc2/3
          switch(config-if)# no shut
          fc2/3: (error) first osm port is E port

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            Thanks a lot man...