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    What is the standard method to check the internet speed when we have lease line (1:1) connection?


      Dear Friends,


      We have taken 20 mbps lease line from ISP A. The speed of the internet was good as

      our plan (20mbps). But after few days it became a slow and not getting a speed.

      Engineer came afer lodge a complaint, he checked internet speed by putting a multiple

      download and he said we are getting 90% speed. He used a different speed test website

      to check speed, it was showing different speed in different website.

      But whatever he had shown that is not satisfied me because i was getting good speed in

      single session download. Even if I download same web site in other ISP it is getting good


      My question is what is the right way to check the speed.

      a.               To check the speed of download,do we need to download multiple sessions?

      b.               s it right way to check the speed by using speedtest websites.

      c.               Connection has come from their MUX to our router interface, so if i check the

                interface, we can see IN and OUT data in the form of kilo bits per second.

                Is it right?


      So, kindly suggest me what is the standerd procedure to check the speed of our internet

      where i am getting always 20mbps speed. Because some time ISP trys to **** their customers.