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    How to see existing eigrp timers (hello and hold) ??


      Hi everyone,


      I am worndering, on how to see hello and hold timers of eigrp ?


      I case if you configure RIP, you can timers such as update interval, holddown interval and flush interval using the "Show ip protocols" commaind. But how do I see in EIGRP ?


      We know that EIGRP hello interval on ethernet is 5 seconds and on Point-to-Point (T1) or Non broadcast multiaccess is 60 seconds. But where can I see that these timers are so and so?


      None of the following commands show these details:


      sh ip eigrp topology

      sh ip eigrp neighbours

      sh ip pro

      sh ip route

      sh ip eigrp timers

      sh ip eigrp interfaces

      sh ip eigrp interfaces e (or) fa (or) ser


      Get back soon,


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