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        Subramaniya Karthic

        If you have oppurtunities to do a CCIE here why dont you try and then move abroad.

        Bcoz masters and networking and entirely diff worlds. In MS you do research work on specific technology, CCIE has vast implications.

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          Marcus Fan

          Hi anuj,


          I have many friends who pursue their Master's before they start working.  Some do internships in the meantime.  Your education is really mapped out by what you want to do and where your career aspirations are at.


          Do keep in mind that there are many successful people without either and what you make of your career has a lot to do about your ambition and the path you take. 


          That said, most CCIEs I know make more than those with MS degrees and those with MBAs make more than both.  That's not to say that things could be the other way around in other businesses or organizations, but just my observation.


          Personally, I would want a CCIE with no working experience than an MS candidate with 1-2 years experience.

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            Hi Marcus


            I think it depends on the job. If I wanted a CCIE to simply keep my Cisco partnership colours then a CCIE no experience is ideal.

            If I wanted somebody to interact with the business then a candidate with two years config t and the intelligence to do a Masters might be more appropriate.

            Somebody with no experience of the world of work has much to learn about workplace interactions and a CCIE will only know the blueprint. CCIE R&S might know nothing about wireless, security or voice. Where as two years experience in a mixed technology environment would be a useful person to have. Just because you are not following a CCIE training program does not mean you stop learning or reading www.cisco.com. Cisco sells hardware. The sales man never asks if you have a CCIE.


            Regards Conwyn

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              Marcus Fan

              You're right Conwyn.  It does depend on the job and I am generalizing on who I would hire onto my team.  8 years back we hired a CCIE with no working experience who ran circles around much of the senior team.  I know some very strong CCIEs and not so strong ones, so that's another consideration.  I was also reflecting on the MS grads I know and few are in IT, so it wasn't a fair comparison.

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                Hi Anuj !!


                In my opinion , one would wish to get both. I am going to be a fresh post graduate from Sheffield UK in  Computer Networks with CCNA incorporated in our master's course. It has been a learning experience however if you look on to the other side I am yet to achieve my first Cisco certification.  End of the day knowledge matters,  degree and certifications are the stamps on your resume. People have already conveyed in this forum that master degree will help you in the longer run and certifications would push you bit by bit. I have started my journey for certifications now and then job hunting as a fresher. So, I guess you will be the best judge on how to plan your career path.

                I want to thank all the contributors in cisco learning network forum for their honest and generous efforts to help others.


                Best wishes !!


                • 20. Re: First CCIE or Masters Degree ??

                  Thanks to everyone !!

                  i have decided to take job experience after my graduation and work on CCIE and after few years i will try to go to any good university in US.

                  Thanks again .


                  I have also started with my cisco blog recently : http://ciscoaspirants.com/

                  Hope you will like it .

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                    Hi Anuj


                    Good luck. Nobody knows what the future holds but having an instant skill is more useful than potential.


                    Regards Conwyn

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                      TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CCNA, CCDA, CCNAS, ITILv3, Sec+

                      Wow its been so long since I commented on this issue!


                      Id like to take the time to add once more to this discussion.


                      Since my last post in this thread Ive started my Masters at Syracuse in Telecommunications and Network Management. I have also grown more into my role as a Project Manager, and am thoroughly enjoying the PM classes Im taking, as well as studying for the PMP.


                      So back to the CCIE or Masters:


                      Personally, I have the CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, and CCNP Foundations libraries sitting on my shelves right now. I elected to go through with my Masters because of the quality of the program - Syracuse has the top information systems program in the nation, and has been widely recognized for that in the IT industry.


                      But why have I stalled on the certification side? Because I simply dont do the work anymore. Seriously, I dont even have a login to a single device at work. I could use GNS3 at home to do my CCNP, but if youre not in a role where you are doing this kind of work during the day, it is extraordinarily difficult to accomplish certs at the professional level. I think the CCNA stuff will be fairly easy.


                      Aside from the logistics of not doing that type of work, I have become more driven to manage IT services in my role. I understand the IT culture. I understand the IT industry. And unfortunately, the sector Im in either sees you as a "technician" or a "manager" - the public sector doesnt seem to really recognize one person who can do both... which I actually can.


                      So, Masters or CCIE? What does your environment make more accessible to you? For me it was my Masters and the work I do in project management. So, thats the way I went. I personally think a Masters is more prestegious but I put a lot of stock in quality academic programs. Thats just me though. Ultimately Ill be in law school doing internet law, so once you have the basic understanding of networking, there is little motivation or need for me to pursue CCNP or CCIE certifications.

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                        Hello Tom Jones,

                        I completely agree with you.

                        I already have CCNA and cleared CCNP-route recently. I will end up with my graduation by the end of june 2012 then i will complete by remaining ccnp exams.

                        Certifications can get you job and masters helps you to put in higher designation.

                        I am really surprised to look at your certifications- ccna security and voice .. i thought work enviroment for a person needs only to master in one field  but you are working on very different certifications . isn't it ?

                        Personally, i find both voice and security interesting but voice a but complex in my opinion.

                        Can i know you belong to which country ?

                        I am preparing for GRE and would like to join for MS in MIS . what is your suggestion ?


                        My cisco Blog: http://ciscoaspirants.com/

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                          TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CCNA, CCDA, CCNAS, ITILv3, Sec+

                          Actually I have a CCNA and CCDA. I was just commenting that the CCNA Security and CCNA Voice shouldnt be nearly as challenging as the CCNP. Honestly, I dont know if most portions of the CCNP would be all that difficult - Ive held a CCNA since 2006 lol!

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