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        Chad Spears CCNP CCDA CCNAS

        So Ryan, it looks like we are shooting for the older CCDA?  

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          It is easier to wrap your mind around design concepts when you have seen many more types of designs.  Experience - and the implied variety - can really open your eyes to how poorly something can be designed/implemented. 



          Drive on through the CCDA, it's brutal but some of it is quite useful when you start in the CCDP ARCH exam.  I am actually thinking of doubling back and studying the new design topics they roll out when it happens. 



          What is funny, is that at the CCIE R&S level, you learn enough about the technologies that the designs for me seem to be somewhat self-evident.  Taking the new comprehension I continue to build upon, and apply it to the processes and concepts I learned in the CCDA/CCDP, it's a potent combo to help me be a better engineer.  Overall your efforts will pay off in spades!

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            Ryan Ruckley CCNP


            So it would appear. The arguements certainly make sense, it's not worth quibbiling over at this stage, the CCDP will be on the new content anyways.


            Even still, I might just wait until after the 31st of Jan to see if the situation is any different.


            But yes, lets get into it. I'm still waiting on my CCDA book (and my CCNP cert for that matter) so I can't really do much until then though I guess I could go out and get the Boson exam.



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              Aloha Chad,


              No problem.  Well deserved for both of you.  You both mention collaborating on many of your studies.  Can I ask what method you used?  Just CLN or IM, web meetinng, etc.


              Also, this is kind of for everyone that posted here, where are you guys located?  I know Martin is in Minnesota, I am in Hawaii, but where do the rest of you hail from?  I think I saw a post by Jared saying he was working in the ME (Afghanistan or Iraq).  Or something like that.  Just curious.


              I have added Chad as a friend and would like to add the rest of you if interested.  I will send the requests shortly.


              Thanks guys, I actually read most of your posts and you have all helped me in the past many times thank you for your insight, encouragement and most of all your willingness to share your knowledge.


              Thanks again,



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                Ryan Ruckley CCNP

                I am based in Sydney, Australia. Chad and I simply used google talk (via gmail) to chat real time whilst we worked through various labs and exam simulations.


                We also exchanged ideas and various documents just to sound ideas of each other. I believe Chad has even requested an IM feature for CLN for times when we are in useful timezones!


                Glad to hear we can all be of use to each other. Sometimes it's easy to come in here feeling like you know nothing compared to the 'lifers'!


                Life, might I add, is a continual learning process!



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                  Chad Spears CCNP CCDA CCNAS



                       I am located in North Carolina.  Ryan and I are able to catch each other for about 4-5 hrs in the afternoon EST.  It's kinda funny, because my Friday is his Saturday.  It almost like being able to see into the future.  Ryan normally is able to test before me, so I know how he did before I walk into the testing center.  This helps me as we are studying the same labs and material.




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                    I would agree with everyone that the CCDA is terrible difficult to study for at times. I am on the last few chapters of the book and it has been a long painful process but again...it is for the best!


                    So the ARCH exam is much better than the CCDA?? Is the content more readable and not as dry?


                    Thanks all,



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                      Nope, I am not in the Middle east... but Travis was for a time.

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                        Brian, I was in Afghanistan for a little under a year for a contract gig but am back in the States.  For now, been fighting the itch to go back.  Someone overseas that I worked for, they told me something that I did not believe at the time - that it gets in your blood.  They were right though. 

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                          Aloha Jared,


                          My apologies.  I knew it was one of you.   So, where are you located, US or GB.  Ah, I think Conwyn is from GB.  Ok I think I need some gingkoba.



                          • 25. Re: OK which one, 640-863 or 640-864?

                            Aloha Travis,


                            Ok, it was you.  Where in the states are you located?  I have been getting offers at least twice a year since 2003 to go over there.  But with the wife and kids, I just am not sure.  I would like to chat with about conditions over there if you don't mind.  I will send in off line message regarding work over there.  I have a new offer and want to assess the situation.


                            Also, I see you are studying for CCIE lab.  I would like to collaborate with you and Jared if you are interested as I am getting ready for the lab as well.


                            Thanks for your replay.  Best to you,



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                              Hello Jared,

                              I too hold CCNP and was thinking of getting into more depth as far as network design is concerned. After reading the posts I must say that I am a little "frightened" since I prefer the technical approach, opposed to theory! But I am confident that by reading the material (640-863 or 640-864 haven't yet decided) I will get more insight into the design decisions that have been made in the company for which I work, or that will be made in the future. As you all say more interesting stuff will be met upon once going on to CCDP, but one has to go through CCDA to get there!!!!


                              Good luck to Brian and anyone else preparing for the exam!


                              Today you helped me make up my mind. I will go for it too!!!

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