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    OK which one, 640-863 or 640-864?

    Ryan Ruckley CCNP



      I now have approval from work to sit for the CCDA (which just means they will reimburse me for the exam should I pass).


      So which to sit for? I'd really like to have the most up to date cert possible if I can manage it by March.


      I have a partial cert guide for 640-864 but I'm not sure the book will be finished in time for March.


      My other resource is the Boson exams (the paid versions) but again only content for 640-863.


      I'm learning towards doing the old cert due to time constrains.


      I can't even book the new exam via PearsonVue yet but they are doing server maintenance this weekend so that might be significant. I'll wait until Monday before booking then.




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          Ryan Ruckley CCNP

          I've just noticed the update saying the new exams won't be available for booking until after the 31st of Jan. I guess I will leave off booking my exam until after this date so I can better gauge the readability of sitting for the new exam in March.


          In other news it looks like the new ARCH exam will be fully up and running by July!

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            Aloha Ryan,


            If I may, I would suggest the old 640-863 for your CCDA and then you could do 642-873 or the new 642-874 for CCDP.


            I would bet on you to be able to pass 640-863 by the middle of March for CCDA and the 642-873 for CCDP by May 11th, 2011 for CCDP.


            I have watched your progress through the CCNP on CLN, along with Chad's.  I would vote both of you for "most improved".  You both have displayed tremendous resolve and dedication to your learning and excelled in achieving those goals.


            My hats off to both of you.


            just my 2-cents.




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              Ryan Ruckley CCNP



              Thank you for the praise, we couldn't of done it without the likes of people like yourself in this forum!


              Chad and I have done a lot of comparing notes and we both are keen to get into CCIE now (after CCDA / CCDP)!!!


              As for the exam, I'm tending to agree with you. Someone else said that the good design stuff was in CCDP and I guess that's the one to aim for,  for having an up to date certification. Employers will look at the CCNP/CCDP combo, won't care so much about which particular set of exams you took to get there (though they may care that you took the new CCNP perhaps?).


              I will still wait a little while to see if the situation improves. Since I bought the partial book I haven't seen any updates to it so I'm guessing it's going to be a slow process.




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                Ryan, once you pass, it's the CCDA either way.  Since the Design exam is not part of a multi-exam track it should not matter down the road. 


                Again, it's the ARCH exam where all the good stuff is.  You'll be onto the next revision by then anyhow. 

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                  old one; there are probably more resources (learninig) for old one than there are for new one.

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                    I like the older path, the only major differences between the two being the new path (V2.1) includes virtualization and data center design, where as the older (v2.0) does not.


                    Both the DESGN (v2.0) and ARCH (v2.0) exam needed for CCDA & CCDP expires on 4/30/11 and 5/11/11 per Cisco cert page.


                    So, yes, go for the DESGN (v2.0) exam 640-863 by March and then do the new ARCH (v2.1) exam 642-874 to get the "good" stuff as Travis pointed out.


                    I think either CCDP exam you choose would be good.  Best of luck to you.



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                      Ryan Ruckley CCNP

                      Ok, everyone has convinced me. I will book my CCDA exam for end of March using the old exam.


                      Does anyone have any perspective of studying for CCDA _after_ donig CCNP? It feels like I have to slow down and I really am missing the technical stuff so I will find this different to study for.


                      I guess just read read read. Can I be confident in using just the book or is this an exam where I have to search high and low to find the 'right' answers?




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                        There you go, Good Luck !

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                          You will need to dig for the Cisco answers, like any Cisco test.  I will warn you that it is lacking in technical info and I thought it was a dry exam to study for... but studying for that exam still gave me some good design insight I had not had previously.

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                            Ryan Ruckley CCNP

                            Yeah, I'm not so worried about the digging more the dryness of the material/exam turning me off learning it!


                            I would love some design insights, that will be the interesting part. Still waiting on my phsyical book to arrive so I can get into it.


                            I guess it's just heads down behinds up  and read read read.


                            Thanks again for everyone's advise on this.




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                              If you like technical, then trust me, this will be dry.  I really struggled at times, needed toothpicks to keep the eyeballs open.  But, as dry as it is, there is still some good design insights that I had gained from my CCDA studies.  I am currently studying the CUWSS, which is a CCNP Wireless exam.  It focuses on Wireless site survey and wireless design, so I kind of feel like I am going back to some of the CCDA topics, only applying them to the wireless world.

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                                Ryan Ruckley CCNP


                                I get what you mean. In fact there have been a little bit of design in all my certs so far. On what I've read of DESGN so far, I can see bits of my CCNA, CCNA Securtiy, CCNA Voice and CCNP in there. So perhaps it won't be so bad.


                                I'll let you know what I think when I get the book.


                                I just have to try to do study when I'm not already falling asleep!



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                                  Actually, when I was studying for the CCDA, I thought the same thing... meaning that it could be beneficial for people who have done the CCNA Concentrations because it does cover design aspects of all of those areas.  I don't work on voip at all, so the voice areas I had a hard time with and SONA I struggled with as well.  It is less fun then the technical stuff, but still important.  It's a good look at how to envision how it all fits together.  For as dry as it was, I would still recommend any good engineer to at least study CCDA topics, even if they don't test.  There is definately benefit to learning design concepts. 


                                  Good Luck with your studies.  You are getting me excited to study design again.

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                                    Chad Spears CCNP CCDA CCNAS



                                         As Ryan has already mentioned, thanks for the praise.  Both Ryan and I have been collaborating on many of our Cisco Studies, and like he mentioned.....we are very eager to move on to the CCIE.


                                    Again, Thank you!




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